I have a confession

I don’t feel comfortable photographing people, shhhhh.  Ok, I may have admitted that here on the blog before.  But let me explain what happened yesterday.

We drove to the Brandermill area to have lunch with Ray’s parents.  We were celebrating Jeanette’s birthday and Ray’s birthday earlier this month.  As we pulled into the restaurant parking lot, I adjusted my camera settings to Auto.  I grumbled to Ray as I did that because it makes me feel like a failure.  But when I’m trying to capture memories and I’m using other settings I find little mistakes like blur or underexposed shots.

I blamed my new bifocals last month for the out of focus shot I took of Ray and his parents. {Sigh}  So I was trying to be ok with Auto. This time. Really.

Ray sat next to his momma in the booth and his dad and I sat next to each other.  I noticed that Ray and Jeanette had the same pose naturally as we were talking so I grabbed my cell phone to capture that similarity.  Ray tried to move and I told them what I noticed so he moved back into that position.  4.26 (1) (640x480)

Then Jeanette laughed as I asked Cliff to take a selfie with me.  She looked at both images on my cell phone as she exclaimed that I always have cool gadgets {hmmm, me?} 4.26 (3) (640x360)

We had a very nice visit while we enjoyed our ribs and barbecue chicken at Q.  As we drove away, Ray looked at me and said “You didn’t even pull out your camera!”  I know.  I hate Auto. {Sigh}

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


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