Celebrating Mother{s}

5.3.14 Norfolk Botanical Gardens (57) (640x427)

This weekend I will be spending time with a group of wonderful Mothers, my Mother, Kathleen (Kitty); Ray’s Mother, Jeanette and “my other-mothers,” my sisters Brenda, Judy and Debbie.  I am hoping that I can capture memories with them that celebrate who they are and what they mean to me.  I’m grateful for these women in my life.

The act of becoming a mother was one of the most difficult times in my life.  It took years and many doctors before one doctor did some exploring and told me that I had a problem that would make it difficult to conceive.  Somehow, someway with the grace of God’s love I was blessed with not one baby boy but two.

5.3.14 Norfolk Botanical Gardens (60) (640x427)

Maybe because I had those challenges before they arrived it shaped me into a very protective mother.  Maybe because my oldest son battled leukemia for 2.5 long years I lost my naivete’.  The sleepless nights, the diapers, me crying as they got on the bus for kindergarten, the teenage years, learning to drive {omg}, becoming men.  I’m so proud of those two for initiating me into motherhood.

I’m grateful to spend time with Jeremy on Sunday. I hope Brandon will find time to Skype with his Mo {me} later that day and that I will get Kindle kisses from my sweet Chance.

5.3.14 Norfolk Botanical Gardens (51) (640x427)

These Canadian Geese are at The Norfolk Botanical Gardens.


7 thoughts on “Celebrating Mother{s}

  1. Now you’ve done it Michelle! You’ve made me cry. Thanks for the sweet words and PRAYERS. I felt every one of them. I just realized I didn’t even write about Jeremy’s last hospital visit on this post. He is doing so much better that I am finally not panicking when I see him calling me on my phone. I am sorry Alex has been sick. I know that you understand how it is for us mothers when our babes are sick. Hugs to you, my friend!


    • Trying to get back into the swing of things! I’ve gotten away from reading blogs every night, taking photos every weekend. But I’m hoping to kick my butt into doing better. Thanks for asking:) How you doing Michelle?


      • I saw you post about your son and then I was praying for you. Sherri you were my first friend on WP so I think of you always and when I don’t hear I pray. I was happy when I saw your post! Alex is Alex being sick and getting well but your boy I was so worried for him. I hope you are ok!


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