An Excellent Adventure

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The Lighthouse at Assateague Island

The best presents aren’t necessarily wrapped!  Yesterday, Ray drove us, by way of the Chesapeake Bridge Tunnel, to the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  We’ve been there separately but made a great day of exploring and making lasting memories together.  The only scheduled item on our list was a sunset cruise leaving a slip in Chincoteague at 6:15 pm.  No pressure!


I experience a little stress on long bridges and in tunnels but that all faded away as we got back on terra firma.  First stop was Cape Charles.  We took a left onto Stone Road so that felt promising.  It looked like one street of shops and restaurants and then there was the beach complete with sand dunes!  It was very windy and a little bit chilly.  I would be happy to go back there to this very relaxed town on the Chesapeake Bay.

As we drove north on Hwy 13, Ray noticed a sign for a town called Exmore.  He said his friend Wayne’s dad grew up there so we explored for a little while.  No GPS only a few turns down some unknown roads.  Interesting photo ops were to be found also.  It was a win-win.

Ray also wanted to make a quick stop for a little side job.  Enter the GPS.  We were on the hunt for a nearby Family Dollar.  Leaving the scenic area of Exmore and driving across Hwy 13, I said it was weird that this store would be off the busy highway.  All of a sudden the GPS voice speaks up and says “turn right” but we were on a rural road looking at a driveway to a home.  Ray and I busted up laughing. Technology folks.

There were more wrong turns and a moment of panic when I realized we were heading back to the Chesapeake side of the island.  WRONG WAY!.  Then we realized we didn’t have a signal for the GPS to work.  OMG.  Where is the sun?  Where is our compass?


Obviously, we found our way out and back to our adventure.  But it was hysterical.  Every so often one of us would say “turn right” just for fun.

Chincoteague was even more than I remembered from the late 90’s.  It was fun to share it with Ray for his first experience.

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I uploaded 400ish photos.  I’ve whittled it down to about half that.  Thank God for digital:) Now I have some serious decision making to do.  I had hoped to capture images of:

1. the beach {check}

2. wildlife – birds {check}, dolphins {check}, wild horses {check} and eagles {check – but focus wasn’t great}

3. scenic {check}

4. sunset {check}

I will be posting these shots of this beautiful part of Virginia soon.


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