Abi Normal, that’s me!

After 8 1/2 years of eating gluten-free for my wheat allergy, I’m ecstatic to share that I ate pasta in a restaurant last night!  Gluten-free pasta, of course.  Y Not Pizza thrilled me earlier in the month with a delicious Italian sub.  It was so good I had to question the food server to make sure it was my gf roll.

Yesterday, I had a craving for pasta and decided it was time to try it at this restaurant. They even had a gf roll with my dinner, oh my.  My sauce was so good and the penne pasta was just right.  I even dipped my bread in the sauce.  So GOOD.

Since I am so picky and high maintenance thanks to my wheat allergy, eating out is always a challenge.  There aren’t that many restaurants that work for me in my area.  I’m thrilled to add a new place to my fave list.

Next time I’m getting a cheese steak sandwich ON A ROLL, oh yeah!

20140531_190205 20140531_191802 20140531_192010 20140531_190231

I got emotional before I left the restaurant.  I just ate pasta in a restaurant. Who knows, I might just be Sherri Normal soon!


2 thoughts on “Abi Normal, that’s me!

  1. Being diabetic, I can certainly relate to your feeling of pasta withdrawal all this time. I am so happy for you, Sher, because pasta is one of the foods of the gods, in my estimation. It looks so decadent in your pictures! Mangia!


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