How does my garden grow?


Gerber Daisy sweetness

Although my sister Brenda is a master gardener, that green thumb didn’t come to me.  I love flowers and the great beauty to be found in nature, I do.  But I’ve never had the knack for keeping the little pretties alive until recently.

Ray’s mom, Jeanette gave me a shamrock plant years ago.  It didn’t need a lot from me just water and sunshine.  I almost killed it by giving it too much water.  I gave it back to Jeanette for her to rescue and she entrusted me with it again.  I did better once I had firm instructions – water once a week.  Okay, I can do that!  I didn’t kill it.  Yay!  I did return it to her when we moved to the apartment where we are now.  There wasn’t enough light for that sweet shamrock plant.

Fast forward to last May.  My darling Jeremy gave me a rectangular planter box with 3 – count them 3 – violet plants planted in that dirt.  What was he thinking?  But it was Mother’s Day and it’s the thought that counts.  I was stressed but I wanted to keep those babies alive since he entrusted them to me.  By the time winter came there were only 2 plants out of the 3.  But oh how I enjoyed those flowers!  Seeing those bright colors on our balcony always made me smile.

I was given a Gerber Daisy and a Marigold for Admin’s Day so I pulled out my rectangular planter and to my surprise the violets were back!  Amazing!  There was enough room to for my 2 new plants so I dug into the dirt.  Ha, look at me.  I was gardening!!!


The tall stem is a weed but isn’t it pretty?! Ray pulled it out for me this morning. It had to go.

After I ate my fabulous pasta last weekend, Ray and I drove to Lowe’s in search of some beautiful red flowers.  I knew what I was looking for but didn’t know the name.  So I called Brenda, my sister the master gardener.  She figured it out for me.  Geraniums.

I potted 2 geraniums and a blue salvia.  Hmmm.  I played in the dirt again.  Looks like I’m a gardener now.

The view of my balcony garden from my seat on the couch = happiness

The view of my balcony garden from my seat on the couch = happiness

Maybe Jeremy knew that my mothering heart needed an outlet.

I am Sherri, Sherri quite contrary…How does my garden grow?  They are alive and they need me to nurture them!


2 thoughts on “How does my garden grow?

  1. I’m so very proud of you, ma Sher!  Your pics are beautiful, as well as your flower babies!  I think that the pink in the rectangular container (from Jeremy?) is petunia, not violet.  If you got petunias to come back, then you are meant to be a gardener!  I’m impressed!

    Love, Bren


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