Happy Feline Friday the 13th

Today is my LAST Friday to work until the high school students come back to classes in the fall!  Next week I will start my 10 hour day shift, Monday thru Thursday.  I’m not sure how that will affect my creativity or energy for this blog…so we shall see.

This weekend is Father’s Day!  I don’t know who moved it up a week on the calendar but I have a bone to pick with whoever did so.  Ray and I will be going to Amelia to visit his father and thankfully his mother has just come home from the hospital.  I have planned a stop to photograph an old church on our way.  Ray is teasing me because I’ve had a few sights that I’ve wanted to capture and didn’t take the time to do so before and now they are no more.  So here’s hoping that the church is still waiting for me.

But today is about BUD…

20140608_074324 20140608_121728 20140611_100633 20140604_210427


Taken with Samsung Galaxy S4




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