Baby’s first photoshoot

It was Chase’s 2nd day at home and I was itching to try some baby portrait photography. Kiesha had a boppy pillow that she covered with a dark blue sheet and we added texture with a baby blanket on top of that.  Dark blue on dark blue but we wanted Chase to be the star and shine.

I enjoyed this immensely.  Great light from the windows.  Chase was a great sport as his mommy and I treated him like the star that he is and we were his paparazzi.  I would have loved to have done this every minute of the time I was there…but ultimately I was soaking up baby love and Chance love to fill my GiGi heart meter.

It was hard to cull out the best – yet it had to be done.

My favorite of all

My favorite of all

014 copy

He was striking a Vogue pose the entire shoot:)

019 copy

“GiGi, why do you have that funny thing in front of your face?”

021 copy

Do I have to say anything?

033 copy

Sometimes he got a little annoyed..

034 copy

Poooor me…but still vogueing!

039 copy

Everyone says he looks SO Big – so here’s some perspective.

040 copy

In love (sigh)

048 copy

Another favorite – losing patience, maybe…

052 copy

That wrinkled forehead – reminds me how Chance used to look about this age.


Celebrating Love of Family

I’m thankful that I could take off of work on Thursday to fly to Kentucky to meet my new grandson Chase and do what I could to help Brandon, Kiesha and Chance adjust to this new dynamic in their family.

It felt so good to hold little Chase.  He got lots of kisses from his GiGi.  Brandon and Kiesha were very sweet to let me hold him as much as possible since I was only with them for a few days.  I cherished every moment.  I even got a workout in my biceps from holding him. {smile}

I got to experience daily life with Chance and it was fun and amazing!  He is so observant and smart. While he was in the hospital room, he was pointing out shapes.  He pointed out that the clock was a circle, the ceiling tiles were rectangles.  Triangles are his favorite shape right now.  He puts puzzles together with an ease that astounds me at his age!

I also watched some of his favorite TV shows like The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Special Agent Oso and Little Einsteins.  We had some couch dancing going on and I even recorded his voice as he talked while watching one show because his voice and words are so darn cute!

Chance also thrilled me with kisses and hugs and a few I love you Gigi’s.  I mean could it have been any better?

I also got to see what a phenomenal husband and dad Brandon is.   I am very proud of his loving heart and dedication to his family.  He and Kiesha made me feel welcome at a crucial time in their lives and I’m thankful for that.  They also switched their usual Sunday big breakfast to Saturday so I could enjoy that with them.

I pushed back the sadness of leaving them early this morning.  We had said our goodbyes the night before in case they could sleep which they did.  Believe me they hadn’t gotten much sleep since they had Chase.  As I drove to the Nashville airport, I gave thanks to God that I was able to make this trip and experience this time with them.

I love reflections and couldn't resist this vignette.

I love reflections and couldn’t resist this vignette.

My sweetheart Chance

My sweetheart Chance

Brandon and Chase - love this photo so much!

Brandon and Chase – love this photo so much!

Chance feeling a little uncertain in the hospital

Chance feeling a little uncertain in the hospital

I think this is a beautiful shot of Kiesha and Chase

I think this is a beautiful shot of Kiesha and Chase



Brandon was trying to get things together for Kiesha's discharge from hospital - I wanted this pic first.

Brandon was trying to get things together for Kiesha’s discharge from hospital – I wanted this pic first.

Cool hallway in maternity

Cool hallway in maternity

That sweet face!

That sweet face!

Leaving the hospital.  Chase not liking the car seat?

Leaving the hospital. Chase not liking the car seat?

Feline Fiday

I am enjoying being with my Kentucky based family members this long weekend.  But I can still share adorable-ness from my furry sons back at home.







I’m enjoying every second with my sweet grandsons. Chance is so excited for me to be here while Chase is sleeping like an angel (most of the time).  Their mommy and daddy are tired of course.  So I will try to help them get through these first few days.

A New Kid in “town”

It’s official.  I’m a GiGi to not one but two little boys now!  Last night Chase Eli came into this world giving me a great connection of sharing the 22nd day of the month for our birthdays even though mine is in December and his is July.  You may shake your head or roll your eyes at this little thing but I love little details like that.

So tomorrow I’m hoping a plane to Atlanta then to Nashville (around my elbow to get to my thumb – thanks Delta).  Then I’m driving to Fort Campbell, Kentucky!  I’ve got to meet this baby in person.  Smell him, hold him and probably change some diapers!

I want to see how Chance reacts to not being the only child anymore.  I want to offer my comfort to him if he needs it during the transition.  I want to help my youngest son and his wife after they come home from the hospital in the small ways that matter in the long run. Because that’s what I do.

And, yes I want to take lots of photographs!

Celebrating Life at its very best today!

A day in the life of my kits

I’m so happy that the adjustment period for Bud and Max appears to have gone smoothly. Bud occasionally gets annoyed with little Max and his precociousness but they haven’t had a major cat fight and for that I’m grateful.

You may wonder what these 4 legged cuties do when they aren’t playing with their catnip filled toys or napping, eating and using the litter box then repeat.  Well, my two kits are well rounded and they like technology just as much as we do.

Bud enjoys movies like Lincoln.  Then he and Ray discuss the differences in the movie vs history.

Bud enjoys movies like Lincoln. Then he and Ray discuss the differences in the movie vs history.

Max loves Candy Crush - especially Odus the Owl.

Max loves Candy Crush – especially when Odus the Owl is in danger of falling off his perch.

Max was really into the World Cup - he was rooting for Argentina (sorry Moni and Gitte)

Max was really into the World Cup – he was rooting for Argentina (sorry Moni and Gitte)

Bud also likes to trim my flowers out on the deck.  He likes to oversee my watering and will sometimes drink the excess out of the pots for the good of the flowers of course!

Feline Friday

Introducing Max the kitten to Big Bad (lovable) Bud was kind of nerve wracking last weekend.  It turned out Bud was very sick with an ear infection and thank God the vet could see him on Monday.  It was a scary weekend but every day since then has gotten so much better.

I felt so very sorry for Bud during this transition as he basically ignored me and gave all of his attention to Ray.  Ray is such a cat whisperer and never knew it.

Max proceeded to charm me every day by insisting on sitting on the side of the tub each morning during my bath.  He’s adapted well to my 10 hour work days but I keep him separated from Bud while I’m not home.  He makes me laugh with his antics every single day.  He’s got all of that kitten energy but he’s also very loving and sweet.

Once Bud started feeling better he was more open to Max.  They touch noses now and Max follows Bud all over the apartment just like a little brother looking up to his big brother.  It’s really sweet.  Once in a while Bud does get ticked and bats at the incorrigible Max.  Thankfully I haven’t heard Bud hiss at him since Monday!

Two nights ago, I was moved to tears as Bud graced me with his presence by lying down on me for a while.  Just like old times.  I love him and am glad he’s adjusting so well.

The only bad thing I have to say about Max is I could have called him Pepe Le Pew.  He has killer gas!!

He's adorable!

He’s adorable!

He walks like a duck - I think it's because his paws are white - like Mickey Mouse gloves:)

He walks like a duck – I think it’s because his paws are white – like Mickey Mouse gloves:)

The toy for Max when he feels like gnawing on me.

The toy for Max when he feels like gnawing on me.

Crazy, hyper kitten mode - that face!

Crazy, hyper kitten mode – that face!

What’s new pussycat?

Yesterday Max moved in with us into his forever family.  I had changed out my master bathroom into a kitty condo complete with food, water, toys, bed and litter box.  I stayed with him while he checked out his new digs.  We got to know each other better and he is a cutie.  He’s very loving and playful in equal measures.

Then I left him for a while to go see how Bud was adjusting.  I let him smell the towel that was in Max’s crate so he knew that one big change had come.  Although I swear he’s been aware that something was up for a few days!

I swapped my time back and forth yesterday but spent more time with Max getting him adjusted.  He did so well that he got to check out the master bedroom that afternoon!

This morning I messed up and brought Max into the living room inside his crate.  I wanted Bud to go into the bedroom and smell Max.  I’ve been reading tips online and this was one of them.  Instead of plan, Bud decided to notice the new kit in the crate and started the hiss.  Hiiissssssss.  It’s pretty funny actually.

Needless to say Max went back into the bedroom.  Bud sulked all morning long.  I was feeling guilty for torturing my Bud.  So I consoled myself by napping and loving on Max.  If anyone didn’t know that I was talking about cats…sounds like a soap opera.

Well, Max didn’t read the online tips and he decided he wanted to check out the rest of our space.  I was a nervous wreck following him around with the squirt bottle in case Bud attacked him.  But other than more throaty growls and hissing it was all good.

Max is an adventurous spirit, brave and maybe foolish.  But he wasn’t cooped up in the bedroom anymore.  He was with his family!

I’ve laughed a lot since I picked up Max.  He is adorable while staring at the fan in awe or checking himself out in the mirror.  He loves to stalk and then pounce.  I’m wishing I didn’t have wiggly toes that he likes to attack.

Here’s a glimpse of his high energy in this video.