Meet Max

I fell in love last Sunday with Max in the adoption area of Pet Smart.  Ray encouraged me to adopt him {what a man, my Ray!}  It took a day to get approved and then I had to wait until today to pick him up.  The waiting really is the hardest part.

So without further ado…here’s Max.


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Bud hasn’t met Max yet.  Maybe tomorrow…crossing my fingers that they will like each other.


2 thoughts on “Meet Max

  1. Hi, Max! This is your adoring Auntie Bren, welcoming you to the family! You are beyond adorable, little guy. Twinkie took one look at your picture, and got behind my laptop and closed it! Naughty puppy cousin is she! You are just gorgeous, and your Mom and Dad will have many happy years spoiling you along with big bro Bud. ❤


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