What’s new pussycat?

Yesterday Max moved in with us into his forever family.  I had changed out my master bathroom into a kitty condo complete with food, water, toys, bed and litter box.  I stayed with him while he checked out his new digs.  We got to know each other better and he is a cutie.  He’s very loving and playful in equal measures.

Then I left him for a while to go see how Bud was adjusting.  I let him smell the towel that was in Max’s crate so he knew that one big change had come.  Although I swear he’s been aware that something was up for a few days!

I swapped my time back and forth yesterday but spent more time with Max getting him adjusted.  He did so well that he got to check out the master bedroom that afternoon!

This morning I messed up and brought Max into the living room inside his crate.  I wanted Bud to go into the bedroom and smell Max.  I’ve been reading tips online and this was one of them.  Instead of plan, Bud decided to notice the new kit in the crate and started the hiss.  Hiiissssssss.  It’s pretty funny actually.

Needless to say Max went back into the bedroom.  Bud sulked all morning long.  I was feeling guilty for torturing my Bud.  So I consoled myself by napping and loving on Max.  If anyone didn’t know that I was talking about cats…sounds like a soap opera.

Well, Max didn’t read the online tips and he decided he wanted to check out the rest of our space.  I was a nervous wreck following him around with the squirt bottle in case Bud attacked him.  But other than more throaty growls and hissing it was all good.

Max is an adventurous spirit, brave and maybe foolish.  But he wasn’t cooped up in the bedroom anymore.  He was with his family!

I’ve laughed a lot since I picked up Max.  He is adorable while staring at the fan in awe or checking himself out in the mirror.  He loves to stalk and then pounce.  I’m wishing I didn’t have wiggly toes that he likes to attack.

Here’s a glimpse of his high energy in this video.



2 thoughts on “What’s new pussycat?

    • They nose kissed this afternoon but then Bud hissed at him. Max used Bud’s litter box and I’m shocked Bud didn’t chase him off. Maybe they will work this out sooner rather than later.


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