A New Kid in “town”

It’s official.  I’m a GiGi to not one but two little boys now!  Last night Chase Eli came into this world giving me a great connection of sharing the 22nd day of the month for our birthdays even though mine is in December and his is July.  You may shake your head or roll your eyes at this little thing but I love little details like that.

So tomorrow I’m hoping a plane to Atlanta then to Nashville (around my elbow to get to my thumb – thanks Delta).  Then I’m driving to Fort Campbell, Kentucky!  I’ve got to meet this baby in person.  Smell him, hold him and probably change some diapers!

I want to see how Chance reacts to not being the only child anymore.  I want to offer my comfort to him if he needs it during the transition.  I want to help my youngest son and his wife after they come home from the hospital in the small ways that matter in the long run. Because that’s what I do.

And, yes I want to take lots of photographs!

Celebrating Life at its very best today!


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