Baby’s first photoshoot

It was Chase’s 2nd day at home and I was itching to try some baby portrait photography. Kiesha had a boppy pillow that she covered with a dark blue sheet and we added texture with a baby blanket on top of that.  Dark blue on dark blue but we wanted Chase to be the star and shine.

I enjoyed this immensely.  Great light from the windows.  Chase was a great sport as his mommy and I treated him like the star that he is and we were his paparazzi.  I would have loved to have done this every minute of the time I was there…but ultimately I was soaking up baby love and Chance love to fill my GiGi heart meter.

It was hard to cull out the best – yet it had to be done.

My favorite of all

My favorite of all

014 copy

He was striking a Vogue pose the entire shoot:)

019 copy

“GiGi, why do you have that funny thing in front of your face?”

021 copy

Do I have to say anything?

033 copy

Sometimes he got a little annoyed..

034 copy

Poooor me…but still vogueing!

039 copy

Everyone says he looks SO Big – so here’s some perspective.

040 copy

In love (sigh)

048 copy

Another favorite – losing patience, maybe…

052 copy

That wrinkled forehead – reminds me how Chance used to look about this age.


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