Feline Friday starring Max



This little guy really has so much personality that I haven’t captured yet in photos.  He makes me laugh every day!  I can see him thinking as he stares up at the ceiling fan.  One day he is going to attack it I just know.


Normally, most mornings see Max sitting on the edge of the tub while I’m taking my bath.  The other day he kept staring at the recessed wall of the tub where my soap goes.  Yes, he actually attempted to get into that space.  He gets so excited when I fill the tub that he runs and jumps on the edge.  Today he overshot his mark and landed in the tub but since I had just started filling it, no biggie.  He jumped out very quickly.

2014-08-21 13.05.39

He also has walked across my chest to sit in the inside corner of the tub ledge as well.  He is fearless as Ray will attest when he caught Max on the OUTSIDE of the balcony railing the other day.  Needless to say the kits haven’t been allowed back out since we are 3 floors up!  Occasionally we can sneak Bud out there on his own but we have to figure out a solution before we let Fearless (aka Max) out there again.

2014-08-29 09.37.28

The furboys have bonded very well but have their share of wrestling matches.  Bud has scared me by placing his open mouth on Bud’s little throat but then he lets him go and licks his face!  Max attacks Bud like he’s a big mean cat.  He seems fearless to me so I call him Mighty Max.

2014-08-29 20.08.04

I really love that Max loves me so much that he follows me around the house.  I will be in the kitchen and all of a sudden, there he is.  I will go into the bathroom – yep, there he is again.  Sometimes he just has to jump in my lap in there like I’m going to be sitting on the throne for a while.  He also stays in the bathroom when I’m drying my hair!  Very shocking but he loves his Mommy.



Chapel of Love

I haven’t been inspired photographically since the hummingbirds a few weeks ago.  I just realized that I had taken an old ruin of a church that same day that I hadn’t shared here until now!

Ray and I are trying to get in the mindset that when we notice something worthy of capturing digitally that we need to seize the day.  I had noticed a rundown outbuilding on a farm between Suffolk and back home that I always said “oh I love that.” Or “I need to capture that image.” It was never the right time of day with the light and truthfully I would have had to ask for permission to go on someone’s land.  I get extremely shy under those circumstances.  So I never took it and guess what happened then? They tore it down!

Because of that, I told Ray that we had to stop at this church. I’ve admired its lines since I first went to Amelia to meet Ray’s parents in 2007!

Art background

I don’t know if you can see the sign “Future Home of The Wedding Chapel” on the front left of the church.  Someone’s got their work cut out for them!

Have a great week!

Feline Friday

Can you believe it’s August 22nd already?  My baby grandson is one month old today!! Today I’m recovering from a root canal on a broken tooth done yesterday morning.  I’m happy I no longer look like a stroke victim but I have to talk to the dentist about more help for my anxiety.  The laughing gas was great but I still had a few panic attacks.  I read last night that the novocaine has that listed as a side effect!

But today is FRIDAY and you know what that means – I get to show off my cute kits —

My new comforter set came in this huge box - kit toy of course!

My new comforter set came in this huge box – kit toy of course!

8.17 (3) 8.17 (4)

Max is modeling my new comforter set:)

Max is modeling my new comforter set:)

How cute are they?!  Very!

How cute are they?! Very!

8.17 (7) 8.17 (8) 8.17 (9)

Feline Friday

I have a few cute shots of the kits today.  I’m just back from the doctor who told me I have a virus so I will take a nice nap this afternoon with Max and Bud watching over me. Have a wonderful Friday!

8.8 (9) 8.8 (8) 8.8 (5) 8.8 (7) 8.8 (4) 8.8 (11) 8.8 (12)


The Hummingbird Project

I have been wanting to try to capture these little beauties for a while.  Ray and I stopped and picked up a new tripod on our way to visit his mom and dad.  After a delicious lunch of Q Barbeque, I set up the camera.  I quickly realized that the auto-focus was going nuts between the birds and the background…so I had to learn how to manually focus after turning off the auto-focus switch on the lens!

These shots aren’t perfect by any means…but I’m happy with what I have.  If the sun had been shining their iridescent colors would have been on display.  Another time perhaps!

083 copy copy 019 copy 020 copy 026 copy 028 copy 034 copy 046 copy 048 copy 064 copy 083 copy 114 copy


His parents have 5 or 6 feeders and they fill them up 6 to 7 times a day…sugar junkies!  I wish I had thought to video the swarms of them…and the sounds they make.


Walmart – really?!

My friend Cheryl and I go off on rants about customer service sometimes.  Today is that kind of day.

I remember when I experienced Walmart for the very first time.  It was in the early 90’s that they opened in Colonial Heights.  I was impressed with the greeter at the door and how friendly that person was.  My babies were cooed over and stickers were offered.  The store itself was a reasonable size and the aisles were wide enough that I didn’t feel claustrophobic.  They had those yellow smiley faces everywhere with proud “Made in America” signs posted it seemed everywhere as well.

Then we had a tornado hit that Walmart in 1993. (see here).  Thankfully I had decided to stay home that afternoon and let the boys nap instead of going there to buy diapers!  They tore down that Walmart and put up a Sam’s Club on that location.  The new Walmart never appealed to me.

I’m not a Walmart customer.  I don’t like their supersized stores.  Their customer service has gone down over the years to such an extent that I don’t want to give them my business.  But I had to go there for work yesterday to pick up cakes.  No one was in the bakery.  I had to find someone so they could page the bakery employee to help me.  Then the transaction at the register didn’t work so I had to wait for a “customer service rep” to use her key.  A neighboring cashier yelled over to my clerk that she needed to tell me that I would just have to wait for them to come.  Granted my cashier was very apologetic and nice.  I also was nice.  It wasn’t her fault but the amount of time it took for that CSR person to come was disgraceful.

I don’t believe this was what Sam Walton envisioned with his dream of opening this chain of stores.  I don’t really understand why they are so successful.  I’d rather get my groceries at Food Lion and buy my clothes and electronics somewhere else.  I deserve to be treated graciously for spending my money wherever.

I used to be a Target loyal customer.  I haven’t gone there in a long time because of the distance but I remember why I shopped there faithfully now.

Wake up America!


Feline Friday

I am so thankful that it is FRIDAY!  This week has been intense with GED graduation that took place last night.  My body feels like it’s been in boot camp this week.  I’m glad to have my fur babies to make me laugh every day.  The cell phone shots aren’t the best quality but it’s fair to show that Bud and Max fight just as much as they cuddle and groom each other.

A serene Max

A serene Max

A serene Bud

A serene Bud

Bud getting ready to attack

Bud getting ready to attack

For fun - not a real cat fight

For fun – not a real cat fight



Max getting ready to attack Bud - he's fiesty

Max getting ready to attack Bud – he’s fiesty

He loves sports!

Max  loves sports!

Helping the Redskins - catch the ball Max!

Helping the Redskins – catch the ball Max!

Max read the comics

Max read the comics

I kept hearing a strange noise - Max was playing with the Scrabble tiles!

I kept hearing a strange noise – Max was playing with the Scrabble tiles! He was sitting there so cute until I tried to snap the phone button…

Tired from playing on my Kindle

Tired from playing on my Kindle

Finally asleep in my arms like a little baby

Finally asleep in my arms like a little baby

Disclaimer:  No animals were harmed in the making of this presentation (duh, really!)