Walmart – really?!

My friend Cheryl and I go off on rants about customer service sometimes.  Today is that kind of day.

I remember when I experienced Walmart for the very first time.  It was in the early 90’s that they opened in Colonial Heights.  I was impressed with the greeter at the door and how friendly that person was.  My babies were cooed over and stickers were offered.  The store itself was a reasonable size and the aisles were wide enough that I didn’t feel claustrophobic.  They had those yellow smiley faces everywhere with proud “Made in America” signs posted it seemed everywhere as well.

Then we had a tornado hit that Walmart in 1993. (see here).  Thankfully I had decided to stay home that afternoon and let the boys nap instead of going there to buy diapers!  They tore down that Walmart and put up a Sam’s Club on that location.  The new Walmart never appealed to me.

I’m not a Walmart customer.  I don’t like their supersized stores.  Their customer service has gone down over the years to such an extent that I don’t want to give them my business.  But I had to go there for work yesterday to pick up cakes.  No one was in the bakery.  I had to find someone so they could page the bakery employee to help me.  Then the transaction at the register didn’t work so I had to wait for a “customer service rep” to use her key.  A neighboring cashier yelled over to my clerk that she needed to tell me that I would just have to wait for them to come.  Granted my cashier was very apologetic and nice.  I also was nice.  It wasn’t her fault but the amount of time it took for that CSR person to come was disgraceful.

I don’t believe this was what Sam Walton envisioned with his dream of opening this chain of stores.  I don’t really understand why they are so successful.  I’d rather get my groceries at Food Lion and buy my clothes and electronics somewhere else.  I deserve to be treated graciously for spending my money wherever.

I used to be a Target loyal customer.  I haven’t gone there in a long time because of the distance but I remember why I shopped there faithfully now.

Wake up America!



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