Chapel of Love

I haven’t been inspired photographically since the hummingbirds a few weeks ago.  I just realized that I had taken an old ruin of a church that same day that I hadn’t shared here until now!

Ray and I are trying to get in the mindset that when we notice something worthy of capturing digitally that we need to seize the day.  I had noticed a rundown outbuilding on a farm between Suffolk and back home that I always said “oh I love that.” Or “I need to capture that image.” It was never the right time of day with the light and truthfully I would have had to ask for permission to go on someone’s land.  I get extremely shy under those circumstances.  So I never took it and guess what happened then? They tore it down!

Because of that, I told Ray that we had to stop at this church. I’ve admired its lines since I first went to Amelia to meet Ray’s parents in 2007!

Art background

I don’t know if you can see the sign “Future Home of The Wedding Chapel” on the front left of the church.  Someone’s got their work cut out for them!

Have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Chapel of Love

  1. What a beautiful old structure. I hope they resurrect it and don’t tear it down for the new wedding chapel. Don’t be shy about asking to enter a property, I’ve met some very lovely and interesting people doing that!


      • Sherri, I used to be hesitant to ask until I went on a trip with some other photographers. One of the guys in the group was very outgoing and told us about his experiences …since then I’ve done it and found that most folks are very open to sharing. You will get the occasional grumpy person but overall it’s worth it


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