Feline Friday starring Max



This little guy really has so much personality that I haven’t captured yet in photos.  He makes me laugh every day!  I can see him thinking as he stares up at the ceiling fan.  One day he is going to attack it I just know.


Normally, most mornings see Max sitting on the edge of the tub while I’m taking my bath.  The other day he kept staring at the recessed wall of the tub where my soap goes.  Yes, he actually attempted to get into that space.  He gets so excited when I fill the tub that he runs and jumps on the edge.  Today he overshot his mark and landed in the tub but since I had just started filling it, no biggie.  He jumped out very quickly.

2014-08-21 13.05.39

He also has walked across my chest to sit in the inside corner of the tub ledge as well.  He is fearless as Ray will attest when he caught Max on the OUTSIDE of the balcony railing the other day.  Needless to say the kits haven’t been allowed back out since we are 3 floors up!  Occasionally we can sneak Bud out there on his own but we have to figure out a solution before we let Fearless (aka Max) out there again.

2014-08-29 09.37.28

The furboys have bonded very well but have their share of wrestling matches.  Bud has scared me by placing his open mouth on Bud’s little throat but then he lets him go and licks his face!  Max attacks Bud like he’s a big mean cat.  He seems fearless to me so I call him Mighty Max.

2014-08-29 20.08.04

I really love that Max loves me so much that he follows me around the house.  I will be in the kitchen and all of a sudden, there he is.  I will go into the bathroom – yep, there he is again.  Sometimes he just has to jump in my lap in there like I’m going to be sitting on the throne for a while.  He also stays in the bathroom when I’m drying my hair!  Very shocking but he loves his Mommy.



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