Greetings September! 

Summer is my least favorite season.  Gasp!  That wasn’t always the case when years ago I enjoyed tanning by the then in-laws pool while Jeremy and Brandon loved swimming.  Then my friends in our twins club would go off for a weekend retreat in Nags Head in September and it was a great way to say goodbye to summer while sitting next to the roar of the ocean and watching the natural grasses sway in the salty smelling breeze.

This summer has passed in a blur as I worked my four 10 hour day schedule.  Most of my long weekends were spent inside enjoying the air conditioning as I read or vegged in front of the television.  Of course, I had the phenomenal experience of visiting my new grandson, Chase, his big brother Chance and their daddy and mommy.

Yesterday, I drove back home to spend time with Bren, lunch with my friend Nancy, the afternoon with my Mom and Judy and lastly, dinner with Jeremy.  Those hours flew by and I understand Bren wishing I could have been there longer.

Today is my official start of vacation and I’m savoring my morning.  Looking over at Bud with his paws around Max while he licks his head and neck makes me feel soothed.  In the background, my few flowers are gleaming brightly in the sunshine.

I have an overnight adventure planned for later this week and I’m sitting here dreaming of the images I hope to capture.

School is starting for the kids but my adults don’t come back for GED until next week.

Vacation all I ever wanted.  Vacation had to get away!  — Go Gos

It’s a really great start to my September!


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