Over a week ago, I traveled 107 miles by land and 15.5 miles by passenger ferry to Tangier Island, Virginia.  This small island located in the upper Chesapeake Bay enchanted me with a glimpse of a simpler life.  But that being said, simple is subjective. There is no rush hour on Tangier since there may be only 20 cars on this diminutive piece of land yet you might have to pull your golf cart over to let the person cross the bridge and pass you.  But these islanders have to depend on Mother Nature for gentle weather to harvest crabs and oysters from the bay as well as the capriciousness of tourists.

As I talked with many of the locals and listened to their delightful “old English” accent, I was able to understand that they appreciate their history and the uniqueness of their lives.  It was only 122 miles from where I live but it was vastly different from what I consider “normal” and I thought that was quite wonderful.

I was inspired to write this post by The Daily Post – Humanity

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8 thoughts on “Humanity

    • Oh yes, the Chesapeake House! Sadly, they had a kitchen fire over the summer and haven’t opened yet so we missed that experience.

      Thank you for commenting and I’m happy to have stirred those memories for you:)


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