Feline Friday (sorry it’s late)

I promised more of Bud last week but failed to deliver.  This week I had too.  I mean I have little Max and he’s adorable but I still LOVE Bud!


Poor Bud never realized how much his life would change with the addition of a little fur brother.  He’s not as playful as he used to be.  I mean he tries to chase the laser light when Ray shines it but Max jumps in and takes over!


I used to laugh at Ray giving the cats human emotions but now I see it too.  Bud is obviously jealous of Max.  Max takes over all of the toys but sometimes Bud will attack him as he plays with something Bud thinks of as his.  Bud will start eating and Max will shove his head into his space thereby shoving Bud’s head out of the bowl.


Bud doesn’t give me his belly to rub much anymore and that is very disappointing to me. He looks at me like he is still ticked I brought that young’in home.  Ray said it best the other day – Bud is getting back everything he ever did to Spooky.


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