Autumn Leaves


As Ray and I went out for breakfast this morning, I grabbed my Canon and switched the lens to my Nifty-Fifty after reading this post.  I sometimes struggle for photo inspiration and the author mentioned challenging himself weekly by shooting with his 50mm lens. He called it a Weekly Fifty.

We drove downtown to one of our favorite places and I saw this photo op as I got out of the car.  The letter S could be for Suffolk or sewer but I knew it was for Sherri and the leaves just made my day.  Ray shook his head when I took it but really it’s pretty!

Autumn is officially beginning on Tuesday, September 23rd.  It’s my favorite season because…Hello – COLOR!  The trees here in Virginia become glowing flames of reds and oranges.  Sometimes the leaves swirl across the highway as we drive and there is no way I can have the camera ready but I love those moments of serendipity.

I also love the change in temperatures because I can start wearing my collection of colorful socks and sweaters.  I can bake delightful pumpkin treats and even start looking forward to making soups and chili.  I don’t enjoy cooking in the summer months but oh glorious Fall means delicious home cooked meals again.

Yes, in case you haven’t realized it yet, I LOVE AUTUMN.


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