Autumn IS really here!


Just because the calendar said so doesn’t mean it really is here in my part of the world. The temperature was nice yesterday. I decided to just slip my shoes into my comfy shoes.  No, these are not Sketchers but they are cute just the same.  We were walking out to take photos of Ray’s truck because we were putting it on Craigslist.  And then I saw this.Autumn is really here!


This shot was taken with my nifty fifty and I’m using it for my weekly fifty challenge to myself.  But this wasn’t an artistic shot and I’m using this why?  Because it makes me happy!

Have a great week friends!


3 thoughts on “Autumn IS really here!

  1. Hello sweet Sherrie! Long time no see. I wanted to stop in and say happy Autumn and I hope that your beautiful family and Grandson are doing well. I was happy to see you and I realized that I am following a lot of people that I don’t even know or haven’t ever exchanged comments with so today I was going through and updating my list and I saw you and immediately I had to say hi! HI
    I hope your job is going well and you and Ray are blissful! MichelleMarie


    • Awww. Hi Michelle! Thanks for thinking about me and my gang:) We are very well. I have 2 grandsons now! I just celebrated a year of full-time employment and am very happy there. Ray and I have enjoyed our summer with 2 nearby trips. It’s been wonderful.

      I hope you and your daughter are well. I have been a stranger to the blogworld lately but I am very glad to hear from you!


      • I loved looking through your photos! They are always wonderful!
        2 grandsons yay for you and Ray!
        Take care of yourself I’ll be looking for your posts! I have your blog bookmarked! Hugs to you


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