Pumpkin Posing

Yes, more pumpkin photos today.  They are abundant this time of the year and my favorite little pumpkin patch placed some smaller orange orbs on a barb-wired fence.  How could I not feature them again?

I love their bright orange rinds and perky stems.  I secretly think about cinnamon, nutmeg and all the ways to prepare these winter squash as I remember their beauty is so much more than skin deep!

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Which one would you pick?

Feline Friday Baby!

I take a lot of photos.  This is a fact.  I had to cull 30+ pics to arrive at 9 and I don’t want to delete any of these.

002 (640x427)

Max continues to be entertaining and at times exasperating.  His childlike curiosity and adventurous spirit makes me laugh every day.  His coloring and impeccable timing to emit the most horrendous smells makes me call him skunk and stinky.  I don’t have the heart to take away the little cans of wet food that Ray has been giving them {aka spoiling them}.

Bud is stoic.  He has been gracing me with his presence on the side of the tub this week and even laid on my lap once.  He is slow to forgive his mommy.  I can only show him how much I still love him by spending one on one time with him.  He has a playmate that can entertain him too, give him exercise and irritate the living heck out of him.

One thing is certain, with these two things are never boring!  I’m off to clean a very stinky litter box!  {A failed experiment with a few brands of litter.  Going back to Dr. Elsie’s}

Have a great Friday


This morning Ray and I went out for breakfast.  The restaurant was located next to a pumpkin stand that I have visited before with my camera.  There is something so appealing about pumpkins.  There are different shapes and sizes like people.  This farm has all the accroutments of fall with hay bales, scarecrows, colorful mums and other gourds made this a fun photo shoot.

013 (427x640) 012 (427x640) 010 (427x640) 009 (427x640) 017 (427x640) 026 (640x427) 008 (427x640)


These beauties will be adopted by good people, carved to keep the evil spirits away, baked into delicasies and enjoyed by so many!

I {heart} pumpkins.


Feline Friday

This week flew by and I’m happy to have photos of Big Bad Bud to share today.  Bud still hasn’t quite forgiven me for bringing Max into his world.  We have sweet moments together occassionally but for the most part the little fur boy has taken me over.  I sometimes feel guilty over this but then the boys start chasing each other through the apartment or the wrestling match begins.  But I know it was the right decision when they get close and groom each other.  It makes me feel warm inside because I never, ever expected that to happen.

Bud –

20141016_091837 (480x640) 20141016_091815 (480x640) 20141016_091938 (640x480) 20141016_091916 (640x480) 20141016_092021 (640x480)


He’s still my sweetheart~I try to show him every day!

Happy Friday to you!