30 Days of Thankful – Day 30 The End



I did it!  I am feeling very happy to have participated in this project this year.  I am going to have these pages printed and put into a RED 6×6 scrapbook that I have had forever.

This project has helped me stay grounded since we have been on a roller coaster ride with the mortgage company.  December 12th is our closing date if all goes well and that is only 13 days away {gulp}.  I have been busy this weekend packing up decorative items like my teapot collection and owls.

Have a great week!


30 Days of Thankful – Day 28


Happy Black Friday!  I am sitting here enjoying my Christmas instrumental music while I contemplate my mental to do list.  There are usual household chores like laundry, dishes and my apartment could use a good cleaning.  I even typed out a list of things to pack for each weekend before we close the house on 12/12.    Only this weekend and next {gasp}. No stress, ha ha really.

No Feline Friday today but Bud and Max have been very busy playing with all of the empty boxes that I have accumulated.  I can’t wait for them to have more space to play in the new house.


30 Days of Thankful – Day 27


My work schedule was changed yesterday and I was happy to get off 1.5 hours early but the director surprised everyone by closing even earlier!  Yippee, I feel like a kid again when it comes to the holidays and time off from work.  Now I don’t go back until Monday. Woot.

It was crazy weather yesterday with fierce winds and heavy rains thanks to Cato our first winter nor’easter.  I’m thankful it wasn’t snow for us but I feel for all of the Thanksgiving travelers that were impacted on such a stressful day.

I was happy to see this leaf still stuck to the bricks when I left the school yesterday. Leaves make me smile!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


30 Days of Thankful – Day 26


This month has flown by!  I still have today’s thankful post and then 4 more.  I would love to participate in the December Daily from Ali Edwards but since we are in the midst of chaos with the house deal it isn’t a good fit for me this year.

I did take the photo of the pumpkin last month but I love it so much that it fit my theme for yesterday.  I also finished my mini cheesecakes that I made for Sunday.  Thankfully I had shared some of them with Ray so I didn’t eat them all.  Whew!

30 Days of Thankful – Day 25


I used the calculator to figure out how long it’s been since my hypoglycemia diagnosis and was shocked!  17 Years.  The first 10 years I was living on plain luck since I didn’t honestly understand my condition.  Then my hormones kicked in causing more of a roller coaster effect on my blood sugar.  That’s when I purchased a great book (sorry I don’t know where it is to name it) and went to a nutritionist for help.

As long as I balance my meals and stay away from foods that I am sensitive to, it’s easy. I’m not perfect and I eat sugar sometimes and I pay the price in more ways than my sugar levels.  But so far so good.

Dang coconut chips are amazing and I found them while we visited Chincoteague in May.  My Zevia has been a staple for a few years.  I enjoy a cola Zevia every day at lunch time and my ginger ale is an evening treat every few days!