30 Days of Thankful Project

November is here!  Bright gold and red leaves have started to appear on the trees but how they are staying on is a mystery to me.  The winds have been fierce this weekend. Temperatures have dropped and I turned on the heat yesterday while I got cozy on the couch reading with my leopard print Snuggie.

But I often rant about the fact that Thanksgiving gets left out of the holiday hoopla.  Halloween is a big deal, Christmas is a bigger deal.  But the poor middle-child holiday that is more famous for the turkey seems to be overlooked for the most part.  That’s my segue to my 30 Days of Thankful project that I have begun.  I’ve joined Cathy Zielske’s FB group for more inspiration and purchased her digital templates from last year along with some digital stamps.

CZ_30DT3_Day1 copy



I am not obsessing about taking daily photos.  I did start a list of what I would like to feature and possible shots to use from my library or take.  I want this to be easy but be heartfelt.

CZ_30DT3_Day2 copy


I hope to post daily but more importantly feel gratitude every day!



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