30 Days of Thankful – Day 7

I have a confession.  Last week I was telling Ray, Bren and Cheryl that I was thinking of giving up my blog.  Yes, this blog!  I was running out of enthusiasm and inspiration.  I read a lot of blogs every day and one of the best is Cathy Zielske.  Her motto is she takes the crap out of scrapbooking.  You have to love that.

Cathy has done a month of thankfulness for several years.  Last year I started with the best of intentions but instead of scrapbook pages, I just wrote daily thanks on here.  But this year I am digitally scrapbooking images that inspire my gratitude.  I’m enjoying it so much more than I can say!

CZ_30DT3_Day7 (640x640)

I’m signing off for the night.  I was just telling Ray that one of our local radio stations has already started playing Christmas music!  I LOVE Christmas music but HELLO – not yet!


3 thoughts on “30 Days of Thankful – Day 7

  1. Please don’t stop blogging! You were the very first person that talked to me on WP I found out why I lost all my email alerts to posts so I know when my favs post!
    I love your life photos and all your shares! You can’t quit!


    • Oh, MIchelle thanks for the encouragement. It’s been almost 2 years on here and I think I was feeling overwhelmed. I am feeling renewed with my 30 days project so hopefully that mood is gone for good. I’ve had problems with WP occassionally too.


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