30 Days of Thankful – Day 25


I used the calculator to figure out how long it’s been since my hypoglycemia diagnosis and was shocked!  17 Years.  The first 10 years I was living on plain luck since I didn’t honestly understand my condition.  Then my hormones kicked in causing more of a roller coaster effect on my blood sugar.  That’s when I purchased a great book (sorry I don’t know where it is to name it) and went to a nutritionist for help.

As long as I balance my meals and stay away from foods that I am sensitive to, it’s easy. I’m not perfect and I eat sugar sometimes and I pay the price in more ways than my sugar levels.  But so far so good.

Dang coconut chips are amazing and I found them while we visited Chincoteague in May.  My Zevia has been a staple for a few years.  I enjoy a cola Zevia every day at lunch time and my ginger ale is an evening treat every few days!


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