Christmas Spirit NOW

I apologize to you, dear readers, for taking a very quiet hiatus.  It felt quite loud to me though because I do agonized when the muse is silent.  But after a very hectic week at work I am now on my Winter Break and I’m off until I go back to work on January 5, 2015!

This afternoon Ray brought out the revolving tree stand and our Christmas Tree and set it up for me.  We scratched our heads for a while with connecting the lights but that worked out as well.  The original plan was to set the tree up and leave it undecorated until Monday so that Max could adjust to it.  It’s his first Christmas you know.

But we did something while we were out earlier today.  We purchased a cat tree for the fur boys and Max has really had a good time on it.  Bud is still not sure how he feels about it.

Since Max was into his tree I went ahead and decorated ours.  I mean it was going to bug me to leave it until Monday.  It makes me so very happy to pull out cherished ornaments that have sentimental value to me.  Then I smile while unwrapping newer ornaments that have been given to me/us or that Ray and I have purchased.  It’s a very eclectic mix of ornaments and colors.  Happy!

I’m also extremely happy to have used my birthday/Christmas present from Ray!  A 16-300mm Tamron lens.  The ultimate lens with so much variety including macro.  I am very thankful that Ray understands my love for photography.  This does it for me.  I’m not a woman that is into diamonds and other jewelry.


From the car using the 16mm setting


Using the 300mm (zoom)


In Red Robin (low light). Ray is used to me snapping away:)


Ray took this one of me


Boys meet your tree


Max loves it!


Not sure how long that feather thingee will last


Bud doesn’t know if he likes it yet


Couldn’t resist this


Ray is my Santa Clause!


Not a full view yet. I don’t know where the tree skirt is…


See it does Macro! I’m so in love with this lens.

Tomorrow we will be spending the day with family.  Those that can will be helping me celebrate my birthday (a day early).  I can’t wait to have this lens with us.  Ray will be snapping the shutter for most of the day, I’m sure.



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