50 and 1 day

Yesterday was the big one!  My arrival into the nifty-fifty club and I’m not talking about camera lenses, lol. I’m a low-key kind of girl but I asked for a party for this big milestone and my sister Brenda went all out for me.  We had the party on Sunday.  Bren fixed a gluten-free lasagna and attempted to make a gluten-free version of my favorite cake that I haven’t had in 9 years.  It was pretty tasty!

I’m grateful to my loved ones that came during this very hectic time of year.  I mean Deb especially since she came all the way from the mountains and she works retail!  I had a wonderful time and was especially thankful that Jeremy was there and is taking amazing care of himself!

Ray took me to dinner last night for my official birthday and then we went shopping for more Christmas presents.  I even got to speak with Chance who is normally so phone shy with me.  I didn’t burst out crying when Brandon told me that my little grandson said he wanted to come see me!  Instead I grabbed that moment and will treasure it because I’m grateful that he and I have such a bond.  I miss my Kentucky family!

Here are some highlight photos that Ray so nicely took to document my special day —

009 018 019 021 025 030 033 035 043 051 copy


Photos include Jeremy, Mom and my sisters.  Ray took all of these shots for me.  A photo of the two of us was taken but I haven’t gotten it from Deb yet.

It was a fantastic birthday!


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