So long 2014, welcome 2015!

I plan to take my Christmas tree down tomorrow.  The fur boys have been very active this evening like they are excited about the New Year, hmmm.  Thankfully, the tree survived the 8 days it’s been up.  No ornaments broken, though a couple have been batted onto the floor.  A few of the lower branches have been nibbled on but it could have been much worse.

I have taken some photos of the tree but really wanted my tripod which had been in the car until today.  So I say goodbye to 2014 and this year’s Christmas Tree with these shots.  Some are taken with the Holga special effects lenses Ray gave me last year for Christmas and the rest are taken with my new baby, the Tamron 16-300mm.

013 021 025 039 042 048 055 059 071 copy 073 copy


Have a wonderful, healthy and prosperous New Year from our hearts to yours!


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