Solitude 7/365

7-365 Solitude

I recently won a seat in Katrina Kennedy’s Kickstart Your 365 class and was happy to read her thoughts on the day to day ups and downs with this project.  I confess to being a natural worrier and follower of rules.  So it was good to hear my 365 Guru tell me some days will be easy and some will be hard and sometimes you phone it in and others will inspire you to think outside of “your box.”

Today I was inspired.  It wasn’t enough that poor Ray had a stomach virus and maintenance men were here first thing this morning.  I never got a bath before work and didn’t eat breakfast or take my morning meds.  But oh, I shot 50+ images of Solitude before narrowing them down to this one.

I am never truly alone for the real definition of solitude because of the furboys.  But they are quiet and peaceful most of the time so this works.  Solitude always means the Kindle or my laptop to me.

If my niece Gitte is reading this – I hope you have had a wonderful birthday!!!  A few more hours left but I’m betting you’re sleeping:)


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