Gear – 8/365


8-365 Gear

8-365 Gear

The shelf over my desk has my collection of cameras as well as some photos are art.  I placed my beloved Canon and my adored Tamron 16-300mm lens up there for today’s prompt.

In the background there is a photo of my mom.  She was pointing her finger at me and yelled “Don’t you take my picture” when I snapped it.  Lol.  She had just given the camera to me.  My first.  The Kodak 110  (replicated here and the 2nd camera shown). It was long and flatish – rectangular and the flash (not pictured or owned by me) was crazy!

I owned several film cameras in between that little 110 and the 3rd camera back was may last film camera.  The Kodak Advantix.

I have other gear.  Several lenses, flash, tripod, remote shutter, filters.  But these 3 cameras mean so much.

I have loved looking at photographs and taking them, making memories for more years than I can remember.  I can’t imagine not using my camera every week.  I’m glad to be using it every day!

(This shot was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 – since my gear was in the shot)



One thought on “Gear – 8/365

  1. I remember this evolution of cameras and also owned some of these as well, but I love things of sentimental value and it looks like both of us had some of that past sentiment in photography. Might be why we get along so well! 😉


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