Multifaceted 9/365

9-365 Multifaceted

9-365 Multifaceted

Today’s prompt was an easy one for me.  My friend Nancy gave me these earrings last year.  They are purple (my favorite color) and very blingy.  But I haven’t worn them yet. They are definitely not work earrings.  Note to self:  wear these pretties while out for dinner with Ray!

I googled quotes for multifaceted and was pretty pleased with this one.

How do I rate this image – makes me happy

How many frames did it take – about 50!

Lens used – Macron 16-300mm

I experimented with manual focus and placed the earring (or ear bob as they used to call them) on different surfaces with plenty of light.

Canon T1i, Aperture Mode


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