Be Positive – 14/365

14-365 Be Positive

14-365 Be Positive

One of my favorite photographers on Capture Your 365 made me sit up and take notice when she said she doesn’t plan her photos from the list.  She reads the email prompts and waits for that image to show up in her day.  I read the prompt this morning and thought I have to take a portrait of my husband.  He’s the most positive thinking person I know and he’s helped me improve my mindset since I’ve known him.

But then I went to work.

Long story, getting longer.  I work at an adult education center that provides vocational classes but more importantly GED and ESOL (English as a second language) classes. This evening I was entering data on new students in the ESOL program.  People have strong political opinions about the immigration problem and I’m not getting into that at all. But I was moved to tears when I realized that 2 of our new students are from El Salvador and their highest level of education is marked Grades 1-5.  Let me stress that they are adults with only an elementary education.

I feel that they are being positive in coming to America and they are working to improve themselves educationally and God knows financially.


5 thoughts on “Be Positive – 14/365

  1. I love this post Sherri! I absolutely love how this suddenly became your positive! I agree, I think that furthering their education is a very positive thing to do! Best of luck to them! ❤


  2. I work in a school as well, but at the elementary level. I have so many Port of Entry students coming in that can’t speak a word of English. Like you said, everyone has their own opinion on immigration. I just feel like what a brave move to uproot your whole family and move to a different country because you want the best for them. However my students got here and whatever their background story, I feel compelled to make sure they have an easy transition into our country and do my best to make them feel welcomed.
    When you think about your comment, “adults with only an elementary level of schooling” and the prompt “being positive” I feel your picture really hits the mark. Great job.


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