National Hug Day 2015 – 21/365


21/365 National Hug Day

21/365 National Hug Day

Today is off prompt.  I wasn’t feeling “food photography” with my crazy work schedule. But  I am looking at other resources for photos and was happy to celebrate today with Ray.

A hug is always nice after work but especially today!  I feel like the stress is amped up this week since we were closed on Monday.  I apologize for whining but it was just that crazy! Humming “it’s my blog and I’ll whine if I want too”  LOL.

Bad days are part of life.  The morning started off sunny so that was good.  I got to talk to Brandon, another positive.  Talked with Cheryl.  Had a lovely chat with Bren after work and caught up with Mom’s health and her new doctor.  Spoke with Mom who sounds so much better after a horrible kidney infection.  Positives.  That’s what I will focus on now that I’m home.

Plus, I used my tripod.  Glad I got one that is so easy to operate.  Winning! Lol.

Now it’s time for some ice cream!

Are you participating in the 365 photo challenge?  If so, what have you photographed today?


3 thoughts on “National Hug Day 2015 – 21/365

  1. Unfortunately I’m not participating in the 365 photo challenge as I was a week late on that. I could always start from now, but I have other projects in mind but I cant decide on which to pursue.


    • Hi Thomas! I love the “McPhoto” in your name:) I know that finding the time to commit can be a challenge when you choose your project but if you have several in mind it can be harder to choose. Do you have to choose only one?

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


      • I dont have to choose one, but I might feel overwhelmed by multiple things going on. Haha the mcphoto comes from my middle and last name, thought it sounded catchy. Still have to work out thd “branding.”


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