I <3 Where I Stand – 34/365



I was greeted with magnificent sunshine this morning!  As I struggle with SAD during the winter (especially on cloudy days), I had to go out onto the balcony to enjoy a few minutes of brightness from that golden orb in the sky.  It’s amazing how my energy level and mood is better on sunny days versus the cloudy ones.

It was a bonus that Bud wanted to look out while I was grabbing this selfie of where I stand.  He loves to go out on the balcony but not when it’s cold.  Even with all of his fur!

Don’t get me wrong – I still would love some snow – especially if we get off from school:)


2 thoughts on “I <3 Where I Stand – 34/365

  1. I feel the same way in the sunshine. To me it makes so much of a difference! I see your buddy in the window! He’s like, you go on ahead, I’ll stay here where its actually warm! 😀


    • Hi Kristen! I’ve been quiet lately while feeling ugh with the crud. Good to hear from you! Yep, my Bud likes to beg to go out but then feels how cold it is and changes his mind:)


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