64-365 Legacy

64-365 Legacy

I haven’t always been a gardener. I’m truly a novice so this orchid is simply a metaphor for the legacy I have received from my mother and have given to my sons is simply LOVE. By loving and nurturing this plant, it continues to thrive. Those tall shoots have been growing and growing as I wait for beautiful orchid flowers to bloom and that thrills me. My own legacy will continue as both of my sons are so loving and generous.

My friend and coworker Susan gave me this orchid last year for Christmas.  I was nervous since this was my first orchid.  I haven’t had much success with plants before. But it surprised me how easy it is to care for.  I water it every 10 days.  I haven’t changed the pot yet but probably will in a few months.

Can’t wait for it to bloom!!


One thought on “64-365 Legacy

  1. Such a pretty orchid and its nice that you are doing something new and enjoying it. I haven’t had much success with plants either so you are not alone. 🙂


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