67/365 – Green

67-365 Green

As I have shared before, I’m a bit of a novice container gardener. My son Jeremy gave me a rectangular container full of petunias 2 years ago for Mother’s Day and I had to give it my all to keep them alive. Last year, I called my sister who is a master gardener and described a flower I wanted to plant. I didn’t even know the name! Turns out what I was describing was geraniums! While we were shopping for them and soil, I spotted a clearance section and I picked up a rather woebegone blue salvia plant that wasn’t long for this earth. It took a while but it thrived. I felt like a proud parent.

Yesterday while having lunch with Mom, Bren and our husbands, Brenda and I started talking about gardening!  Yay.  It’s almost time.

This photo was taken today and my blue salvia looks like it made it through the harshest temps of the winter! I can’t wait to give him some roommates and add another container of lovelies!


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