71-365 On the Edge

71-365 On the Edge

71-365 On the Edge

The prompt asks for focus of the edge.  I was thrilled to think of using my beach vase that Deb and Moni gave us after Moni’s wedding.  It is a clear glass vase filled with sand and small shells.  The outside has rope border at the top with a larger shell hanging as an accent.  I took this out on the deck this morning before work and played for a few minutes. I love all of the textures.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Ray and I will be resting and recuperating from the stomach bug.  He will be watching plenty of basketball while I will be reading a wonderful Kindle book by Robyn Carr.


One thought on “71-365 On the Edge

  1. I love the beach vase.. It is so beautiful and tranquil. I love those kind of things my room is filled with them. 🙂
    I hope you and Ray stay relaxed and enjoy the weekend. 🙂


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