87 Hanging-Dangling-Suspended-Swaying

87 Hanging-Dangling-Suspended-Swaying

87 Hanging-Dangling-Suspended-Swaying

I think I have a fever – Spring Fever!  The only cure is more cowbell.  No really, I need the sunshine and warmer temperatures.  I’m ready to think about taking care of flowers out on the balcony, switching out my wardrobe for brighter colors with lighter fabrics.  Basically it’s all about SPRING!

Today we had snow flurries.  I made myself go out after bundling up and putting my warm winter boots on. Those same boots I almost packed up last week.  Ha!   I walked the trails behind the apartment complex and saw a lot of leaves left over from autumn that were basically dangling by vines.  Most of them were low to the ground and had a lot of other things going on in the frame.  I took about 30 frames.  This was the very last shot.  I looked up at the sky and saw them.  Leaves.  In silhouette against the dark cloudy sky. The flurries kicked up again to teach me a lesson.

It will be spring when God is ready to bring it!


One thought on “87 Hanging-Dangling-Suspended-Swaying

  1. Wow I love the silhouettes in this photo. They really represent what it is. I also love the quote very powerful. I too have Spring Fever I can feel it just around the corner but yet the weather has not improved. Have a lovely week 🙂


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