Days 25-27

27 Reflections

27 Reflections

Easy enough to find a reflection since we have had rain for several days!

26 Escape from the Everyday

26 Escape from the Everyday

Sometimes the photo prompts annoy me.  Escape from the everyday?  I have to work!  This shot was taken with my iPhone and new Olloclip macro lens.

25 Go For a Drive

25 Go For a Drive

I’ve been a grumpy camper this week.  The photo above was taken outside my dentist’s office.  Yes.  Ugh.  Just a cleaning this time.  But I still had anxiety.  Going back during spring break for more work.  This shot was also taken with my iPhone.  I really “just phoned it in” that day.

I am making myself got out so maybe I can capture something interesting for today’s prompt – Hanging.  I won’t be macabre, no.

I just realized that all three of these were taken with my iPhone.  Helps to make my life easier with working!



One thought on “Days 25-27

  1. I love all of these photos and think that it is inspirational that you are managing to do these pictures while you have a job. I am using my smartphone as I find it easier with daily life. I think its all about finding the right shot with the equipment and time you have. Hope you have a lovely week 🙂


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