90 – Illuminated

90 Illuminated copy


Light painting is placing an object in a dark room and shining light on it while your camera is on a tripod with an open shutter for 30 seconds or so.  Sounds easy right?  I wasn’t that inspired after a long day at work.  But it’s lovely to highlight my lovely owl that my sister Brenda gave me for my last birthday.

Ray was my capable assistant playing with different small flashlights.  I will have to try this again when I’m more energetic.  Examples on the CY365 are pretty cool.


One thought on “90 – Illuminated

  1. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier haven’t had internet for a while. I adore this photo so much… 😛 I just love the way you have illuminated the owl. Really good job :P. Hope you and Ray have a lovely week 🙂


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