120 From a Window

120 From a Window copy


Bud is the star of my photo of the day twice this week!  Although I am not a happy camper on rainy days it does provide a lovely diffused light next to the window.


118 Shade

118 Shade


My husband proclaims he “hates” cats but spoils them more than I do. He even plants some grass for them to chew on! He watched them on the balcony this morning and his face lit up as he saw Bud out there nibbling on these baby shoots. Shhhh, don’t say anything. He’d hate for this to get out!

iPhone with macro lens attachment

116 The Right Light

116 The Right Light


The right light = the golden hour

The 30 minutes before and after the sunset.  I had a lot of gray clouds where the sun was setting so I wasn’t sure how I was going to capture anything today.  But Ray and I went on one of our Sunday adventures.  Turning down country roads with no idea what we would find along the way.  He is wonderfully in tune with my “photog gasps” to know to stop the car (carefully if there is traffic) and put our hazard blinkers on.

It was wonderful to explore and find scenic things near where we live.  After driving to the mountains last weekend and seeing so many scenic sights (that I didn’t have time to capture) today’s adventure did my spirit good.