95 – Gathered Together

95 Gathered Together

We gathered at my sister Bren’s house for Easter dinner.  I set up my tripod after we ate and used the remote shutter as we talked and laughed.  I got up a few times to see what I captured.  This particular shot was after I sat back down.  The chair made a noise and I squealed worried that I broke the chair.  I even commented that after I ate that big plate of good food I went and broke the chair.  But I only hit it on the wall so it wasn’t that bad.

I love the candid moment captured.  My stepsister Barb doesn’t like to have her photo taken so she is in the shot but she is still being shy.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!


One thought on “95 – Gathered Together

  1. This photo of you all gathered together really shows depth. I think this is an amazing photo 🙂 I hope you had fun at Easter dinner, the photo shows you did 🙂


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