130 Purple

130 Purple copy


This week showcases the color PURPLE.  My favorite color!  I’m excited to see what see what else I can share this week that is this majestic beautiful color.

I hope that everyone reading this that is of the female persuasion that had/adopted/raised children or loves the four-legged, furry kind of children – that you have had a wonderful day!  I’m blessed to have spent another celebrated day with my 81 year old Mother, my oldest sister Bren that has been like a mother to me.  I’m so thankful that I got to see, hug, kiss my oldest twin son Jeremy.  Grateful to have heard Brandon’s voice on the phone earlier and a quick couple of words with my grandson Chance.  Looking forward to Skyping with them tonight to help bridge the distance.


One thought on “130 Purple

  1. I used to love the colour purple like you… But now I am more of a blue person. I love the purple flowers you managed to capture 🙂 I find it is always nice to spend time with family and try to bridge the gap of distance. Hope you have an awesome purple week 🙂

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