131 Bottoms Up

131 Bottoms Up copy


Today is Macro Monday.  I can’t afford a true macro lens for my beloved DSLR so I recently purchased a set of lenses for my iPhone.  It took me a while to remember that the macro lens is attached to the wide angle lens.  I revisited the PhotoJoJo site and looked (aka read the instructions, lol) and one little unscrewing motion and there my new lovely macro lens was!

This flower is the Blue Salvia that I rescued from the sad clearance bin at Lowe’s last spring.  It was a dried up mess and now it’s vibrant and it graced me with these new blooms just in time for Mother’s Day.  I am now it’s mother so how sweet was that!

Yes, I’m loving my little container garden again.  It’s in my genes after all.  My grandmother passed it on to my sister Brenda who is a Master Gardener!  Now it’s finally been freed inside of me!  I’m so glad to be blooming as a photographer AND a gardener.  Look out, I may just end up being a well-rounded individual.

This week’s theme is the color PURPLE. It’s funny that my iPhone screen photo looks more purple than this image does on my computer.

Please tell me does it look Blue or Purple to your eyes!


One thought on “131 Bottoms Up

  1. I love this photo Sherri. 🙂 I am glad you got a macro lens for your iPhone. The macro lens worked really well, you must be very happy having the gardening genes 🙂 The photo is definitely purple 🙂 Have a lovely week

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