Ramblings and Dreams

It’s a little after 8 am this Wednesday morning.  I’m sitting in my favorite chair with my laptop on my lap, naturally.  I can peek over the screen and watch Bud grooming himself on the balcony with the beautiful backdrop of my container garden behind him.  I love these spring days when it’s warm enough to keep that sliding balcony door open for my four legged furboys to go outside at their whim.  Thankfully nothing comes in but an occasional fly to worry Max.

I’m in deep thought this morning.  I used to have such vivid dreams when I was younger but especially in my 30’s.  I’m not sure exactly when I stopped dreaming or if I just stopped remembering them.  But as I am now on my hormone replacement program, I’ve noticed my dreams are back!

I laughed as I shared with Ray that I was in a compromising situation with Sylvester Stallone yesterday morning.  Sly was Brenda’s man of the year when Rocky came out.  He wasn’t my fantasy yet he starred in my dream.

This morning I dreamed that I was given a dessert to sample that looked rich and gooey with chocolate everything.  I pushed my fork into the concoction only to realize that it was a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll-like cake.  I immediately pushed it away because I knew I could not eat it due to my wheat allergy.  But I was a little sad.

On Mother’s Day, my mom made my favorite pineapple cake.  It’s rich and so delicious.  I served her a small piece of it and felt a momentary sadness for my self.  But I shook it off. Just a short time later I remembered that Brenda had purchased a pint of Hagen-Daz Coconut Pineapple ice cream just for me.  It was so delicious and I thought it was even better than that cake!  (Bren also made me a gluten-free version of that cake for my birthday in December – so rich and delicious.  Not deprived here in any way!)

I think that explains my dessert dream but I don’t know how to explain Sly Stallone!

5.10.15 ios (9)



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