139 Room to Move

139 Room to Move


Ray takes the stairs going to work and coming home. It shocks me that he does this simply because he often climbs up and down the stairs many, many times at work doing construction work on the 4 story apartment buildings.  Often he is carrying heavy things as he climbs them.  Yet he still walks up and down these stairs here at home.  Even after a long day at work. He’s pretty great!

Today I am very grateful that he feels like taking the stairs.  A few weeks ago, he went for a physical.  After the lab results he was put on a statin drug for cholesterol.  I was shocked at the transformation from day 3 to day 6 on that drug.  My husband began hobbling around.  By day 6 he was completely miserable and had a noticable hitch as he stood up to walk across the room.

We are both angry with his doctor’s office because they said it wasn’t that drug causing this. They told him he must have arthritis.  Funny coincidence.  He has since stopped taking it and we are looking for a new doctor.


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