A wonderful surprise!

It’s funny how big this world is and thanks to the internet people can come together that share common interests by blogging, Facebook and other social media.  I have been an avid blog reader/writer for years now and have joined the Facebook community as a way to keep up with my son and his family that are stationed in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.

I also rejoined the Capture Your 365 community in January of this year and am thrilled to have met friends that share my passionate hobby.  It’s even more lovely when some of those same friends also blog!

KrisB. and TraceyG. share their love of photography and food over at Pixels, Plates, and LOLs!  Kris shared how her daughter Erin chooses the most thoughtful gifts recently and they offered a contest for commenting on their blog and guess what, I WON! The prize was a goodie basket that Erin filled.  Check out their blog here.

I may be 50 years old but I always feel like a kid when I’m opening presents for my birthday (December 22nd) and at Christmas.  So it was especially thrilling to receive this package and not have a clue what was inside!  Ray commented on how I was beaming as I opened it.

I staged it because I had packing peanuts all over last night along with two curious cats! So the morning light is more becoming to show you all of these wonderful gifts!  First that basket – you know how much I love color!  It will go great in my craft area!  See how packed it is!!!

5.23 (1)


5.23 (2)

I’m so excited about these meal storage containers! I pack every day for work and when the summer hours (4-10 hour days) take effect I will be eating two meals at work…so how cool is this! Also love the magnetic grocery list to help me plan those meals!!!

5.23 (3)

I can’t wait to look through that cookbook! The snack mix smells divine and Erin typed up a message on why she chose each item. That girl has a gift at giving perfect gifts!


5.23 (4)

The artist grouping – The beautiful red sketch book, the wallet for my SD Cards*, the rubber band to combat zoom lens gravity and that watermellon card is a gift card for a photo book!!!  

I need to add more SD cards to that wallet and keep it in my camera bag.  We went to the river last night and I realized my camera did not have the card inside it!  It wasin my computer at home.  Thankfully I had my cellphone!

Although I’m not a fan at being in front of the lens, I had to share this lovely item and just show how thrilled I am!

5.23 (5)

Lastly, I had to show the item I put on my camera strap right away! My lens cap snaps right on there. I’m embarrased to tell you that I’ve purchased 2 replacement caps since I’ve had my Canon! Oh yes – I’m thrilled with my goody basket!

Thank you Kris and Tracey for your generosity and Erin you are simply amazing!



2 thoughts on “A wonderful surprise!

  1. Sherri,

    We are all glad that you first received and secondly are enjoying the gift basket! Often it is the simple things in life that bring smiles. I will make sure that Erin sees your post as well.

    Also another thing we have in common…my oldest daughter’s birthday (Brooke) is December 22, Erin’s is December 23, and mine is December 28. You gotta love us December babies:-)

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Oh, and I am thrilled to now know about your blog!!!



    • Wow! All three of you have December birthdays! Shocking and fun to share that with y’all. I hope you and your family also have a wonderful holiday weekend as well!


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