148 This Moment

148 This Moment


At this moment, Bud is disappointed that he isn’t on the balcony.  It sprinkled earlier and now the lawn maintenance crew is outside making an awful racket. Bud might look fierce but he is really a ‘fraidy cat and the big, loud weed eaters scare him!

Yesterday the fur boys kept staring at the corner of our bed.  I had to grab my courage and lift the corner of the comforter and then the bed skirt…what did I find?  Somebody had pulled a walking shoe from the nether regions of the under-bed world and dragged it to the corner of the bed.  I was worried there was a critter – more worried about a spider than anything else…but when I picked up the shoe there was nothing else there.  But the cats kept staring at THE SHOE!  Really?!!

My cats are spooked by a gray and pink walking shoe…Scaredy cats!!!


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