153 Go!

153 Go!


These mice did not run fast enough!  Bud attacked them as soon as I finished taking this shot.

Some days I don’t have a lot of time or energy for my 365 project.  I didn’t stress this today. Ok, I might have cringed when I read the email because I am so literal minded.  But after I really woke up I spied the fur boys mice collection.  Believe me they have a lot of mice!  The white one, shown on the left, has a pull tail and will crawl but I wasn’t up to trying that today.  At least Bud was there to keep them in check!


One thought on “153 Go!

  1. I love this photo Sherri, such a simple idea for a really difficult prompt. I am finding this one hard to and often like you don’t have the energy for my project. 🙂 Hope bud enjoyed the mice 🙂 Have a nice week 🙂

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