The Present Participle List 

(Inspired by Cathy Zielski’s blog)

Feeling gratitude that Ray is having improvement with his leg pain.  I’m so glad that the internet provides so much information to help people research alternative treatments.

Moving soon but we don’t have a date yet.  I have been so happy to know that it’s really happening.

Packing all of our earthly belongings slowly.  I’m seriously obsessed with collecting boxes.  I have stacked filled boxes in the spare bedroom taking up almost half the room.  Yet there is so much to pack.  Where did it all come from and where has it been hiding?

Purging even though I got rid of so much stuff when we moved here I still think I need to get rid of things we don’t use often.  It matters when you are paying someone to move your stuff and they want you to count the boxes!  Yikes!

Remembering George Carlin’s skit about STUFF, it was so funny!  Check him out on YouTube George Carlin “Stuff”.

Anticipating my last week of this intense summer schedule coming to an end and yet I’m savoring these last two Fridays off.  It has had more of an impact on me this year than before.

Reading blogs on the weekends since I can’t risk being late to work from zoning out on the computer.

Missing my camera, my inspiration, my fellowship in sharing photos with like-minded friends but I’m eager to get back to all of it.

Looking forward to changing seasons, summer is not a favorite time for me.  Although I enjoy more sunshine, painted toes and cute sandals, I really don’t love the heat and humidity.  Come on Autumn!